Features. All you need.

Start with simple features, and advance when you are ready.


Import your subscribers into audiences. Grow them using forms. Track their performance using statistics. Maintain your audience health with the help of a dashboard and weekly reports delivered straight to your mailbox.

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Inbox user interface


Split your audience to groups based on tags. Send them campaigns or use them for automations.

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Customer profile user interface

Campaigns in 3 steps

Setup, design and send. It is that simple.


Set a subject line, fill in sending and reply-to emails, and select an audience.


Create content with our drag & drop e-mail editor or paste your HTML.


Proof your e-mail for warnings and errors. Schedule your campaign to be sent, or send it instantly.


Create, store and manage your e-mail templates. Use our interactive drag & drop e-mail editor, or upload HTML.


Automate your workflows with triggers. Create a tree of actions. Build and setup automated emails.

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Inbox user interface

API Private beta

Integrate your application with our platform, start sending e-mails, automate your workflows, and improve your derivability.

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Customer profile user interface