We believe that you should only pay for email your really send. Instead of monthly commitment, we offer email credits.

  • Email credits

    Bundle price
  • 100 000 Emails

    $1.5 per 10 000
  • 250 000 Emails

    $1.4 per 10 000
  • 500 000 Emails

    $1.3 per 10 000
  • 1 000 000 Emails

    $1.2 per 10 000
  • 2 500 000 Emails

    $1.1 per 10 000
  • 5 000 000 Emails

    $1 per 10 000

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team on our discord server to get fastest response, or to [email protected]

How long does the email credit last?
All Email credits have currently no expiration date. So they will last as long until you use them.
Is there a free trial available?
We provide free 1000 email credits a month.
Are there any feature limits?
There are no limits based on users, sending domains or credentials.
Are there any sending limits?
You have to follow our terms of service, to not exceed our spam rate and bounce rate limits. We also rate limit new accounts, to make sure they follow our guidelines, which are being lifted after first 100 000 emails sent.
What payment types do you accept?
We currently accept all credit cards. And on request we provide a bank transfer option.
Do you provide any support?
Yes, we provide basic support on [email protected] and on our discord server. If you want faster response, reach to us on our discord.